TEAMGOD, Professional Gaming Startup Acquired By ILLUMICORP™

USA, August 8th, 2019 – ILLUMICORP™ successfully completes its acquisition of a new professional gaming organization startup, TEAMGOD for an undisclosed amount. This gaming organization has operated in an underground capacity until now.

TEAMGOD’s acquisition allows ILLUMICORP to connect and network with the younger generation of today’s world and with those who share the same vision as ILLUMICORP. As of now, the transfer of assets has been completed and a corporate restructure of the organization is in progress. Preliminary talks have begun for the placement of a new CEO to handle the progress of this new organization. For more updates on this acquisition, be sure to follow using the below links.


Twitter: TEAMGOD

If you have comments or questions on this acquisition, you may contact us here.

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