Skyplex Pictures Independent Film Studio Acquired By Illumicorp

ILLUMICORP has completed its acquisition of the privately held film production studio Skyplex Pictures on March 16th, 2020. The wholly owned subsidiary will be merged into the ILLUMICORP infrastructure including the current leadership and all assets of the studio. Film production equipment, intellectual property such as completed scripts, both short and feature length are now property of ILLUMICORP. Current senior staff members will be relocated to the state of Tennessee, paid for by ILLUMICORP. Skyplex Pictures specializes in film production for both low to medium size budget productions and has a clientele list to include, but not limited to Symantec, VMWare, Grassroots America and more.

Once relocation to TN is complete, the studio will raise the bar of competition in the area and assist ILLUMICORP in its goal to expand within the entertainment industry.

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