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ILLUMICORP has brought together talent from across the nation who share our vision and love for the design world. We focus on entertainers, gamers, youtubers, streamers, esports, developers and product manufacturers within the video game industry. ILLUMICORP can help you stand out with high quality, cinematic logo design, motion graphics, video editing and more.

By focusing on the gaming and entertainment industry, ILLUMICORP can implement a strategic shift in growth by partnering with the younger & influential generation of today.


Your logo is your identity. Burn it into the mind’s of the public.

This image is what your brand is based on and how the public will recognize you. It’s important to have a logo that represents you and your organization. 

Animation & Video

Make a statement with cinematic motion graphics.

We take a different approach and provide a more cinematic product for logo reveals, alerts, intros and other video projects. Visually stunning imagery and head pounding audio, let’s turn your brand into a cinematic masterpiece.

Stream Branding

Your stream is a business, it’s time to show it.

Stream branding includes, but not limited to, overlays, alerts, transitions, starting screens, break scenes, pregame screens, countdowns and more.

See revamp projects: PACE22 or PWNSTARZ 

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